From 16 to 17 March 2024, the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Committee for Interfaith Relations (NZCBCIR) met in Dunedin.
Every diocese in Aotearoa New Zealand has one representative on this Committee who is also member of the local Interfaith Council which is made up of representatives from different religious traditions.
Bishop Michael Dooley from Dunedin liaises with the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference.
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Picture from left to right: Adele Churchman (Christchurch/Timaru), Nick Wilson (Palmerston North), Colin MacLeod (Dunedin), Bishop Michael Dooley, Christopher Longhurst (Wellington/Hawkes Bay), Beate Matthies (Auckland), Maya Bernardo (Wellington) and Teresa Fernandez (Hamilton).

Quote from Pope Francis (Evangelii Gaudium, 250. 2013):
Interreligious dialogue is a necessary condition for peace in the world, and so it is a duty for Christians as well as other religious communities. This dialogue is in first place a conversation about human existence or simply, as the bishops of India have put it, a matter of ‘being open to them, sharing their joys and sorrows’.”