Reflection on Wood Carvings

This little booklet is a wonderful source of reflections.
Each Station is depicted on its own page and accompanied with a reflection and a prayer on beautiful wood carvings.

Art Craft by Bill Verryt – Text by Beate Matthies – Photos by Barry Noel
Available in English, German, Samoan and Fijian.

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Price: NZD 7.00 (incl. postage within New Zealand)
Format: Paperback, 20 pages
Dimension: A6 booklet (18g).
The English version is also available in A5 at NZD 10.00 (incl. postage within New Zealand)
© December 2022, Auckland, New Zealand

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During his visit to Congo, Pope Francis reflected on hands. He asked the pilgrims to look at their hands and said: “Open the palms of your hands. Dear friends, God has placed the gift of life, the future of society and the future of this great country in those hands of yours. Dear brother, dear sister, do your hands not seem small and frail, empty and unsuited to so great a task? It’s true. Let me tell you something: your hands all look alike, but none of them are exactly the same. Noone has hands like yours, and that is a sign that you are a unique, unrepeatable and incomparable treasure. And you know something? No one in history can replace you. So ask yourself, what are my hands for? For building up or for tearing down, for giving or for grabbing, for loving or for hating? Notice now you can squeeze your hand, closing it to make a fist. Or you can open it, to offer it to God and to others.”