Reflection on Patience

We are currently in Alert Level 1. However, we are not in Alert Level 0 yet and therefore have to be cautious. Are we prepared for another sudden lockdown as it has happened to other countries?

The readings of 8 November are about being alert, being prepared, being patient and never losing hope.

This is an important message for today’s world. We are often looking for a quick solution, a “quick fix” with minimum effort and expenses. Maybe the foolish bridesmaids thought that the bridegroom would not take very long and that they could save the money for extra oil.
Apparently, the tradition of the time was that the bridegroom would have to negotiate the dowry. The longer the negotiation, the higher the price he had to pay.

Was Jesus the bridegroom? Was he the one who had to pay a high price?
Just before the Passion, Jesus was asking his disciples to stay awake and wait for him while he went to pray – but they fell asleep just as the bridesmaids did.

Endurance, resilience and patience can make life so much easier and give us stability in life. As Christians, we believe that God loves us with a steadfast love and that we don’t have to be afraid of anything. We don’t know when we are called to the wedding feast but we certainly don’t want to miss out.

Pope Francis once explained the process of Christian maturity as a process of patience “that takes some time, that you cannot undergo from one day to another. It evolves over a lifetime, arriving at Christian maturity. It is like a good wine.”

So, let us count our blessings and be joyful while being alert and ready for our mission.


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