Without Justice there is no Peace.
Justice in a country.
Justice in a community.
Justice to your neighbour.

Without Justice there is no Peace.
Peace between countries.
Peace between communities.
Peace among neighbours.

Justice starts in how you treat your neighbour.
Justice for all and everybody.
Justice means Balance.

Balance between opinions.
Balance between actions.
Balance between Powers.

Power can be a danger.
Power is a responsibility.
Power needs commitment.

Commitment towards Justice.
Commitment to serve.
Commitment to find the Truth.

Truth requires willingness.
Truth requires openness.
Truth may need an advocate.

Advocate—a person who stands with you.
Advocate—a person who speaks out for you.
Advocate—a person who believes in you.

Belief in finding the Truth.
Belief in creating Balance.
Belief in Human Dignity.

Human Dignity is easy to neglect.
Human Dignity is easy to be taken for granted.
Human Dignity can easily be lost.

Loss of support leads to disappointment.
Loss of hope leads to desperation.
Loss of belief makes you vulnerable.

Vulnerability when you are powerless.
Vulnerability when you are hurt.
Vulnerability when you are wrongly accused.

Accused without an accusation.
Accused without knowing why.
Accused without a chance to clarify.

Clarification is a step to Truth.
Clarification is a step to Justice.
Clarification is a step to Peace.

Peace without Justice is superficial.
Peace without Justice is not lasting.
Peace without Justice is a compromise.

Compromise is like a make-up.
Compromise is like an alibi for Peace.
Compromise hides the Wounds.

Wounds that will not heal.
Wounds that get easily infected.
Wounds that only the wounded will feel.

Feelings of disappointment.
Feelings of sadness.
Feelings of desertedness.

Deserted—no advocate to find the truth.
Deserted—no advocate to speak up for the powerless.
Deserted— pushed to give in and to give up.
Without Justice there is no Peace!

– BM –