Synodal Path Actions

Pope Francis has launched the Synodal Journey – a world-wide initiative. Here is what Archbishop Mark Coleridge from Brisbane says about it:

What would I like to say to Pope Francis about the Church worldwide?

Pope Francis invites us all to participate in this journey of the worldwide Synod and to be guided by
the Holy Spirit.
The Synod is about:
Encounter – Encountering faces, meeting eyes, sharing each individual’s history
Listen – Jesus simply listens, for whatever amount of time it takes
Discern – spiritual discernment, of ecclesial discernment, that unfolds in adoration, in prayer and in
dialogue with the word of God
The Synod is not about judgment or opinions – but about personal experiences.
Who is called to participate? – all the Baptised:

  • practicing Catholics
  • non-practicing Catholics
  • Christians of other denominations
  • all age groups

Pope Francis expressed his thoughts about the Synod during the Launch in the Vatican. Here is a link to his Homily.

Further resources are available at: