Reflection for All Saints’ Day

We are celebrating All Saints Day, honouring all saints …
When we recite the Apostle’s Creed, we profess our Faith and recite that we believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church, the communion of the saints and the forgiveness of sins.
What does it mean: “the communion of saints”?
Pope Paul VI summarised it as “the communion of all the faithful of Christ, those who are pilgrims on earth, the dead who are being purified, and the blessed in heaven, all together forming one Church” (CPG §30)
What are Saints to us?
Using the words of today’s readings, we could say that they were “pure in heart” – and they certainly would identify with at least one of the beatitudes that Jesus was proclaiming from the mountain. Maybe this is the reason why beatification is the first step to canonisation?
Jesus’ message to his disciples is a message of hope: we might be mourning but we will be comforted…
However, Jesus is also clear that we should not passively endure injustice. He clearly refers to peacemakers and those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake.

What Jesus asks of us is not easy. Even his disciples were often disappointing him – but Jesus did not give up on them. He always gave them another chance.
This is the beauty of our Faith. We might not be perfect, but we are always loved by God. Many Saints did not live their lives saintly from the beginning to the end. Even St Paul used to persecute Christians before he converted and became a fervent preacher who founded several Christian communities.
Paul gives us hope. We are all children of God, and God is merciful. So, let us rejoice and be glad.


Picture: “Allerheiligen” (All Saints’ Day) by Johann König (1599), Wikimedia Commons