Muffin Talk Snippets 2022

Today’s Muffin Talk is made up of some highlights from 2022. The following guests feature in these highlights:

Here is an overview of the Muffin Talk Snippets 2022:

  1. Fr John Vianney Makanda: Consequences of Covid for education in Uganda
  2. Harvey Livschitz: Social enterprise in Wellington during Covid
  3. Michael Mangan: Liturgical music for children
  4. Dr Christopher Longhurst: Michelangelo’s Pietà
  5. Jennifer Ward Lealand: Actor & Intimacy Co-Ordinator
  6. Prof Douglas Pratt: Ecumenism & Interreligious Dialogue
  7. Kieran Fenn fms: Genealogies in the Bible
  8. Rod Oram: COP 27 in Egypt
  9. Ram Lingam: AIFC’s “Exploring Sacred Spaces”
  10. Kieran Fenn fms: Mary in the four Gospels
  11. Prof Thomas O’Loughlin: Tradition & Religion
  12. Jill Shaw: The Inclusive Faith Project – Faith & Disabilities
  13. Dr Florian Graichen: Bio Fuel & Sustainable Resources

All interviews are still available in full. Please get in touch with us.