November / December 2023

Kia ora and greetings,

End of the Church Year A

Today was the last Sunday in Ordinary Time.  Next week, the new Church Year will start in which we will hear the Gospel according to Mark.
Many thanks to Kieran Fenn fms for preparing us for the new Church Year. If you missed the sessions, please know that we have short summaries in form of video-clips on our website.

Next Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.
If you are interested in a special advent wreath which is hand-made and original pottery by Debbie Miller, please let us know quickly as we have only one advent wreath left.
Diametre: about 17cm. Further information is available on request.

Our last session on Zoom for this year will be about St Nicholas.
This free session about the Ancient Greek Bishop of Myra, a gift bringing saint and the commercialised American version of Santa Claus. We will look at how they are connected. Join us on Monday, 04 December.

If you want to know more about the Christmas Story, you might like to tune into a video-clip with Prof Thomas O’Loughlin in which he reflects on the Bible’s four different insights into the Birth of Jesus Christ.

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The programme coming up:

St Nicholas with Beate Matthies
Monday, 04 December 2023, 7-8.30pm (Zoom)
For more information see here.
Fee: Koha/Donation.

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Many blessings

Beate Matthies—Titipounamu Study & Joy

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