January 2023

Kia ora and greetings,

Happy New Year to you!
It is good to feel the sunshine… Maybe you have taken one of our rainy days to watch our YouTube videos or you have listened to the end-of-year Muffin Talk which consisted of snippets of 2022 interviews that were recorded with 12 different guests. In case you have missed it, it is still available online. In December 2022, Titipounamu Study & Joy produced also its first reflection booklet. See here for more details.

This February and March we have a new type of programme:
4 sessions to stop and reflect on where we are heading (15/22 Feb an 01/08 Mar). Led by an experienced group facilitator, these sessions are positive and interactive, and each session lends itself to the next one. After two years of disruptions of ‘normality’, we thought it would be important and very powerful to stop and reflect before diving into the Year 2023. It would be best to attend all four sessions.

The start of the New Year is a time of new beginnings.
We are happy to offer two evening sessions on Genesis (Zoom): The Creation Story in Genesis with Kieran Fenn fms (27 February) and The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo) – Pictorial Art & Interreligious Dialogue with Dr Christopher Longhurst (03 March).

For more information, radio interviews and videoclips, please see our website. If you are on Social Media, follow us on  YouTube and Facebook.


The programmes coming up are:

Focus on Target—Draw Fresh Momentum with Laetitia Puthenpadath.
Wednesdays, 15 & 22 February and 01 & 08 March 2023, 12.30-1.30pm (Zoom)
Fee: $20/session or $70/series of 4 sessions.

Genesis (I)—In the Beginning… (incl. study material) with Kieran Fenn fms.
Monday, 27 February, 7-8.30pm (Zoom)
Genesis (II)—The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo) with Dr Christopher Longhurst
Monday, 06 March, 7-8.30pm (Zoom)
Fee: $25/session or $40/series of 2 sessions.

Many blessings

Beate Matthies—Titipounamu Study & Joy