Video Recordings – Overview

The video recordings below are available on YouTube.
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GuestTopic & LinkMinutes
1Prof Thomas O’Loughlin Christian Vision of Creation2:28
2Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel According To Mark (I)2:47
3Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel of Mark (II)2:34
4Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel of Mark (III)2:07
5Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel of Mark (IV)2:08
6Ram LingamLight in Hinduism2:53
7Kieran Fenn fmsLight in Christianity2:24
8Debbie MillerLight in Judaism1:44
9Prof Thomas O’LoughlinThe Christmas Story explained2:52
10Prof Thomas O’LoughlinLent explained1:33
11Kieran Fenn fmsThe Passion Narratives (I)1:46
12Kieran Fenn fmsThe Passion Narratives (II)2:02
13Kieran Fenn fmsThe Passion Narratives (III)1:12
14Kieran Fenn fmsThe Passion Narratives (IV)2:05
15Nina Tu’iBaha’i New Year1:10
16Prof Thomas O’LoughlinGood Friday explained1:32
17Fr Kevin Toomey opEaster explained0:59
18Anthony GreenRamadan explained3:20
19Kieran Fenn fmsThe Resurrection Narratives (I)2:20
20Kieran Fenn fmsThe Resurrection Narratives (II)1:59
21Kieran Fenn fmsThe Resurrection Narratives (III)2:05
22Kieran Fenn fmsThe Resurrection Narratives (IV)2:48
23Harpeet SinghInfo about a Sikh Wedding3:06
24Prof Thomas O’LoughlinThe Eucharist – Hospitality in the Church29:17
25Kieran Fenn fmsThe Psalms (I)2:50
26Kieran Fenn fmsThe Psalms (II)2:33
27Kieran Fenn fmsThe Psalms (III)1:39
28Kieran Fenn fmsThe Psalms (IV)3:09
29Kieran Fenn fmsThe Eucharist in the Gospels2:11
30Prof Thomas O’LoughlinThe Eucharist – Thanksgiving28:06
31Kieran Fenn fms & Prof Thomas O’LoughlinThe Eucharist – A Gospel Event and Sacrament27:42
32Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (I)2:15
33Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (II)2:01
34Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (III)2:46
35Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (IV)2:07
36Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (V)2:32
37Kieran Fenn fmsThe Gospel according to Luke (VI)1:52
38Kieran Fenn fmsThe Infancy Narratives1:31
39Jennifer LoboSt Francis Xavier, the Patron Saint of Goa2:37
40Rod OramReflections on COP2627:18
41Kieran Fenn fmsThe Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John (I)5:41
42Kieran Fenn fmsThe Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John (II)3:54
43Kieran Fenn fmsThe Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John (III)3:23
44Michael ManganComposer, Musician, Performer26:32
45Kieran Fenn fmsEsther in the Scriptures3:51
46Kieran Fenn fmsJudith in the Scriptures3:49
47Kieran Fenn fmsMiriam in the Scriptures3:24
48Alvaro Cardinal RamazziniGuatemala27:58
49Kieran Fenn fmsMary, Our Inspiration2:39
50Pat LytheWeek of Prayer for Christian Unity25:42
51Catherine GilliesPregnancy Counsellor28:07
52Kieran Fenn fmsSt Paul – Meet the First Missionary (I)2:33
53Kieran Fenn fmsSt Paul – Meet the First Missionary (II)2:21
54Kieran Fenn fmsSt Paul – Meet the First Missionary (III)3:23
55Jennifer Ward-LealandActor & Intimacy co-ordinator26:57
56Kieran Fenn fmsSt Mary Magdalene – A new Feast Day25:45
57Kieran Fenn fmsMary Magdalene -What do we really know about her?2:36
58Prof Thomas O’LoughlinThe Role of Women in the Bible and in the Church28:50
59Dr Christopher LonghurstReligious Art28:04
60Dr Christopher LonghurstMichelangelo’s Pietà22:28
61Kieran Fenn fmsMary of Nazareth – Her Sacred Life & Her Human Life (I)23:03
62Prof Thomas O’LoughlinMary of Nazareth – Her Sacred Life & Her Human Life (II)17:18
63Kieran Fenn fmsLiving Water in the Bible03:01
64Christina ReymerPink Shoes into the Vatican25:27

Further Video Recordings:

GuestTopic & LinkMin.
1Prof Douglas PrattReligion & Time3:20
2Bhai Verpal SinghSikh Relgion – its Origins & Meanings28:39
3Debbie MillerFood in Judaism27:38
4Prof Paul Morris & Prof Douglas Pratt
& Prof Paul Spoonley
Hate Speech Restrictions – A Threat to Our Democracy?1:00:02
5Farida MasterZoroastrianism1:35
6Rev Ivica GregurecChristian Feasts – All Saints & All Souls 3:36
7Farida MasterZoroastrianism – its Origins and Meanings24:42
8Rod OramLooking back at COP2612:13
9Ram LingamHindu Feast Magh Snan3:38
10Steve DrakeBaha’i Fountain at Ridvan Garden 4:17
11Dr Paul BlaschkeJudaism: Tikkun Olam – explained1:11
12Farida MasterThe Zoroastrian Angel of Water 5:04
13Dr Paul BlaschkeFaith & Climate Action25:42
14Beth LewGrowing Gardens & Communities27:29
15Harvey LivschitzRoadworn – Recycling & Upcycling Initiative in Wellington21:02
16Debbie MillerJewish Feasts – Purim24:17
17Dr Christopher LonghurstKAICIID25:28
18Peter MikhailThe Coptic Christian Baptism2:29
19Caitlin BushThe Bathing of the Buddha3:09
20Suzanne MahonThe Baháʼí Faith – explained24:56
21Jenny Te Paa DanielWater in Te Ao Maori2:43
22Prof Paul MorrisReligious Literacy & Competency in New Zealand35:46
23Auckland Interfaith CouncilMy Practice, My Strength1:29:16
24Prof Douglas PrattInterreligious Dialogue26:01
25Dr Sajjad NaqviWater in Islam – Traditions4:26
26Imaam Muhammed ShaakirWater in Islam – Reflections3:36
27Jill ShawThe Inclusive Faith Project – Faith & Disabilities30:25
28Dr Sajjad NaqviFaith, Science & Covid-1928:52
29Dr Leonard BloksbergMikvah & Shofar – Jewish Traditions26:59
30Dr Leonard BloksbergWater in Judaism4:34