May 2022

May Greetings…

We have reached the month of May—the month that is originally named after one of the Ancient Greek Pleiades or the Roman Goddess of Goodness and Queen of the Earth: Maia. In Germany, many Marian hymns refer to “Maria Maienkönigin/Himmelskönigin” which translates to “Mary, Queen of the month of May” or “Mary, Queen of Heavens”.

We, at Titipounamu Study & Joy would like to shed light on Mary from a different perspective, following Pope Paul VI and his concept of Mary in Marialis Cultus. Our next session is called: Mary—Our Inspiration, presented by Kieran Fenn fms. You will find out more about it when you listen to the current Muffin Talk.

The number of video clips on our website is growing as is the variety. If you haven’t done so yet, please have a look at:

We are pleased to see that the current issue of NZ Catholic reported on the content of our latest session with Br Kieran (p18/19).
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The programmes coming up are:

Friday, 20 May, 7-8.30pm (Zoom): Mary—Our Inspiration with Kieran Fenn fms.
Koha/Donation welcome.
Mondays, 13/20/27 June, 7-8.30pm (Zoom): St Paul—Meet the First Missionary with Kieran Fenn fms.
$25/session or $50/series.

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Many blessings

Beate Matthies—Titipounamu Study & Joy