November 2021

We are fast approaching the new Church Year, in which we will read the Gospel of Luke.  If you missed the sessions with Br Kieran on the Gospel of Luke or if you would like to refresh what you learned, please know that there are some resources available.

Laetitia Puthenpadath has recently given a wonderful introductory session to Ignatian Imaginative Contemplation—Praying with Imagination.  The second session will be on the Incarnation Prayer. You will find more information on the website here.
Kieran Fenn fms will introduce us to the Infancy Narratives in the Gospels according to Matthew and Luke. Have you ever wondered why the Christmas story doesn’t feature in the other Gospels?
Scripture and Imagination are also the basis of creating Nativity Scenes. I am inviting you to join me for a journey through the centuries of this amazing tradition. 
We will also have two further evening sessions, on 10 and on 17 December—with a special focus on The Holy Spirit. More about it in my next newsletter.

Please remember to check out the website of Titipounamu Study & Joy. You will find information and further resources that you can access any time online. See here.
You will find a range of video clips, radio programmes, reflections and posts on YouTube and Facebook.
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The programmes coming up are:

Monday, 22 November, 7-8.30pm (Zoom): The Infancy Narratives – Jesus, the Early Years 
with Kieran Fenn fms. Koha/Donation.
Thursday, 25 November, 2-3.30pm (Zoom): Ignatian Imaginative Contemplation – Incarnation Praying
with Laetitia Puthenpadath. Koha/Donation.
Monday, 06 December, 7-8.30pm (Zoom): Nativity Scenes – Interpreting the Nativity through Art
with Beate Matthies. Koha/Donation.

For more information and registration, please see

Many blessings

Beate Matthies—Titipounamu Study & Joy